The SAVE & SIP Story

Hello and Welcome In,

I am Trevor Alexander, 

Founder of SAVE & SIP Financial. 

I founded this amazing company in the Fall of 2019 while finishing my Graduate Business School Degree at Morgan State University.

My goal in founding the company was to create comfortable environments for people of color to talk about investments, real estate, stocks, and retirement.

Our mission is to provide financial education that empowers and inspires our community to build generational wealth. 

We do this by hosting in person events, and webinars that flip the financial education model on its head. 

During our events we partner with major beverage companies to provide drinks that allow us to learn in a relaxed and social environment.

As Save & Sip has grown we have evolved to provide up to date information on current events happening in the finance world.

We also offer free digital resources that help people build a budget, understand and grow their retirement, begin investing, and more. 

I hope that together we can build a better and brighter financial future for you and our respective communities. 

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P.S If you ever would like to speak please reach out to me


Trevor A. Alexander, MBA,PMP,ITIL

Founder, SAVE & SIP Financial