Foundations In Personal Finance

Empower your students through the gift of education

SNS Wealth is thrilled to announce the launch of Foundations in Personal Finance. It is a revolutionary self-paced software platform designed to cater to the financial literacy needs of high school students. With over 50+ recorded conversations, tutorials, and resources, the platform is a one-stop-shop for all financial-related topics that high school students need to know.

Our Chief Financial Educator visited numerous schools across the country to interview students and discuss crucial topics such as credit, budgeting, real estate, and investments. The conversations were recorded and transformed into an online format so that millions of high school students across the country can benefit from them.

Foundations in Personal Finance powered by SNS Wealth is an excellent resource for school boards, principals, and administrators who are looking to improve financial literacy in their schools. Schools can gain access to the platform, which gives a license to their entire student body. 

At SNS Wealth, we believe that financial literacy is an essential skill that every high school student should have. With Foundations in Personal Finance, we're making sure that students across the country have access to the best financial education possible. Contact us today to demo the software and start your journey to financial literacy.

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Trevor Alexander, MBA, PMP

Personal Wealth Coach

Hello , I am Trevor Alexander, the Founder and CEO of SAVE & SIP. SAVE & SIP was founded in 2019 during the second year of my Masters program at Morgan State Business School, a prominent HBCU in Maryland. In my classes, I teach new investors the same fundamentals and lessons that I learned both in school and more importantly, the REAL world through trial and error. My experience and track record have allowed me to gain control of $1 Million in assets and 6-Figures across Mutual Funds + ETFs. I am primarily a passive investor, and believe in consistency and discipline in the financial markets. I have a passion for sharing information to people like you that genuinely want to learn. I look forward to teaching you in this course the fundamentals that will last you a lifetime. Lets continue to build wealth in our communities through our conversations, actions, and vision. Feel free to connect with me on IG @trevoraalexander or LinkedIn.