The 3-Modules

  • Module 1: Back to the Basics

    In this module, I cover the history of the stock market, key definitions, how passive investors win, how Americans are missing out on money, and guidance on how to build a strong portfolio. Any questions you have will get answered.

  • Module 2: Accounts and Rules

    In this class, I discuss the pros and cons of many accounts (401k,403B, Roth IRA, TSP, Brokerage) that you can choose from. I also cover the differences between brokers and how making or losing money can affect your taxes.

  • Module 3: Execute Your Plan

    In the module, I will discuss implementing the strategies I covered into your own accounts, and run projections and simulations based on different investments. I also will cover more active stock picking and dividends.

  • After Program: Keep Growing

    You have the option to join any future live sessions to learn more, join our private Facebook group chat where we support each other, and continue to build knowledge You will have access to the learning database for a lifetime.

This program is for you if:

  • You would like to invest but you don't know where to start.

  • You are currently investing but are not sure if you're doing the right thing.

  • You want to have a stronger understanding of your finances.

  • You are interested in passive, hands-off investing.

  • You recently started a new job or left an old one.

  • You are paying down debt while also learning to invest.

  • One day you may plan to pursue entrepreneurship.

  • You are focused on long term thinking and consistent wealth building.

  • You want to stop working someday or cut back on the amount of hours you do.

  • Investing seems overwhelming.


I have personally helped hundreds of people grasp the basics of building wealth in the stock market.


Trevor Alexander, MBA, PMP

Personal Wealth Coach

Hello , I am Trevor Alexander, the Founder and CEO of SAVE & SIP. SAVE & SIP was founded in 2019 during the second year of my Masters program at Morgan State Business School, a prominent HBCU in Maryland. In my classes, I teach new investors the same fundamentals and lessons that I learned both in school and more importantly, the REAL world through trial and error. My experience and track record have allowed me to gain control of $1 Million in assets and 6-Figures across Mutual Funds + ETFs. I am primarily a passive investor, and believe in consistency and discipline in the financial markets. I have a passion for sharing information to people like you that genuinely want to learn. I look forward to teaching you in this course the fundamentals that will last you a lifetime. Lets continue to build wealth in our communities through our conversations, actions, and vision. Feel free to connect with me on IG @trevoraalexander or LinkedIn.

Mandatory information we cover

How to identify which accounts are best for you

How to spend less than 30 minutes per month investing

How to determine paying down debt vs investing

How to diversify your portfolio

How to invest passively in the S&P 500 

How to buy and analyze dividend stocks 

How to reduce taxable income via 401(k)

How to automate all of your investments

How to build a strategy that fits your lifestyle

How to calculate the potential return on investments

When to dollar cost average vs lump sum invest

How to  calculate capital gains and capital losses on trades

How to think and act like a long-term investor

How to compare and contrast the following accounts

401(k), Roth 401(k) , TSP, Roth IRA, Trad. IRA, Brokerage

             UTMA,  and Joint Brokerages.

How to transfer stocks from one brokerage to another

How to determine how much you should put in retirement